Starmania is an opera/musical created by Luc Plamondon & Michel Berger.
We worked on the 2022 new edition of the show, directed by Thomas Jolly.

We had the chance to participate in the superb opera Rock Starmania by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon directed by Thomas Jolly. We are very proud to have given life to the character Roger Roger.
Accompanied by Raphaël Hamburger, Thomas Jolly and Samy Zerrouki, we wanted to make Roger Roger a hallucinatory and organic experience, mixing a possible evolution of our artificial intelligences with the universe of the emblematic dystopia "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang.
Thank you again Raphaël Hamburger, Thomas Jolly, Samy Zerrouki and Mathematic for this incredible experience.

Made with Benjamin Geffroy on the voice of Thomas Jolly.

Awarded by the Molières Prize for Visual and Sound Creation 2023

Here are frames of our work:

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